WS The Art of the Inevitable with Pasquale Esposito

The Art of the Inevitable with Pasquale Esposito

"When it rains, the pavements get wet!" - George I. Gurdjieff

A weekend lead by Pasquale Esposito exploring the principle of creativity and the nature of a human experience from an educational zen point of view.

A creative action, is a choiceless action and this lead us to the nature of a human experience of what is real, that we are going to explore during the weekend through sensory awareness.

Whatever I do most of the time is always affectation, meaning is based on our needs to show in order to be validate and to get something. To be aware of this process, is the beginning of freedom that is where creativity arises. So nothing to learn as a technique but rather to be aware of something that we’re not aware of and the awareness of which will make a shift the whole game of perception of what is real.

Exploring the distinction between doing and being, we will experience how the being is inevitable when we really trust to stay, when we trust to wait and vividly and vitally stay. Then “being” is what remains and what is always been present, that is the ground of creativity and freedom.


The Art of the Inevitable

with Pasquale Esposito

When it rains, the pavement gets wet

 FR 03. JUN 18:30 - 21:30 Uhr 

SA 04. JUN 13:30 - 19:30 Uhr

SO 05. JUN 13:30 - 19:30 Uhr 


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Pasquale Esposito

Pasquale Esposito was born in Italy, he started to travel at an early age and after spending some years in L.A. at the moment he is living in the north of Germany, Hamburg. With his wife and twins. Pasquale is a professional actor working in both theatre and in the film industry in Italy.

He has been practicing Zen (Soto) Buddhism since 1993 and was officially ordained in 2001 at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Italy. He studied acting with Susan Batson, Sandra and Greta Seacat (in New York) with Francesca De Sapio in Rome. With Dominique De Fazio (actor Studio’s member) he studied and collaborated for many years. After he completed the De Fazio System training he taught at the Studio De Fazio in Rome, Germany and Los Angeles for 4 years.

He founded the ”Research Company art and awareness” with which he propose artistic projects and his reasearch. He direct with his Company the Theatre Project “A looking Glass” in Munich. A very important part of his education comes from the “Gurdjieff’s teaching” which he followed in Rome, Los Angeles and London. Pasquale is been part of the main cast of the International Tv Show Gomorrah and he won an award for his role played in the Tv series. Gomorrah has been distributed in 190 countries including UK, Germany, Spain, USA and others Country. Pasquale is teaching at the Drama, Theatre and performance department of University of Huddersfield in Manchester in UK. He loves to keep training as boxing as amateur to keep himself awake.