The art of the inevitable

There is a possibility, that by doing nothing, you notice something,

that has always been present and yet you have never seen. "

Pasquale Esposito



How to live in a single gesture

A tree in the forest is expressing itself or the forest?

An important weekend for people who did start the journey with session I and still this is also an amazing chance for everyone who wants to get this weekend singularly.  In this longest of the three sessions, we will focus on scene work. We are going straight to the heart, to explore and get an understanding through physical experience of the nature of expression and communication. Expression is the huge elephant in the room.

Expression is all that is and yet no awareness of its constantly unfolding unconsciously. It doesn’t matter what you want to express and what you prepared to communicate, what is ultimately shaping the expression and communication on a film set, on a stage and in life is what is happening as a listening in the immediate. Expression and communication is held neither in what you say, nor in what you do. The body of course is important in this and yet expression shapes the body and not the other way around. Metaphorically speaking: The body would be like an empty stage on which expression is taking place.

Session  III

with Pasquale Esposito

Expression & Communication

in a single gesture

FR 19. JUNE 2020 18:30h - 22:00h

SA 20. JUNE 2020 13:30h - 19:30h

SO 21. JUNE 2020 13:30h - 19:30h



SCHÜLER- (bis 18 Jahre)

UND AZUBIPREIS (mit Nachweis)

Starting this scholar year 2019/20 Pasquale Esposito's teaching has a home base in Germany at actíng and arts. In a series of weekend-encounters, we will shift from the usual paradigma to train your body skills in order to be espressive, into being aware of the inevitable, unstoppable expression of your experience through the body, so to stop worry about doing and be interested about what’s moving through.

Each session is in itself a possibility for a concrete understanding of the principles about the creative process from a Zen, Mindfulness view point. So each session can be booked singularly and yet there is a journey structured, if you follow all three sessions.

The proposal of all encounters regards a conscious action into the unconscious. Like consciously jumping into the emptiness and let the unconscious processing the landing. There is an unbalancing process between conscious and unconscious, controlling and out of control, stillness and movement and the awareness of which allows the expression to be unpredictable and spontaneous. The action that holds life is an unconscious action, that is inevitable and surprising.

Pasquale’s work doesn’t want to be a new approach that can be a substitution to a different one, but rather it is a physical self inquire on what is true, what is real in terms of experience. What is a real experience? 

Pasquale Esposito

Pasquale Esposito was born in Italy, he started to travel at an early age and after spending some years in L.A. at the moment he is living in the north of Germany, Hamburg. With his wife and twins. Pasquale is a professional actor working in both theatre and in the film industry in Italy.

He has been practicing Zen (Soto) Buddhism since 1993 and was officially ordained in 2001 at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Italy. He studied acting with Susan Batson, Sandra and Greta Seacat (in New York) with Francesca De Sapio in Rome. With Dominique De Fazio (actor Studio’s member) he studied and collaborated for many years. After he completed the De Fazio System training he taught at the Studio De Fazio in Rome, Germany and Los Angeles for 4 years.

He founded the ”Research Company art and awareness” with which he propose artistic projects and his reasearch. He direct with his Company the Theatre Project “A looking Glass” in Munich. A very important part of his education comes from the “Gurdjieff’s teaching” which he followed in Rome, Los Angeles and London. Pasquale is been part of the main cast of the International Tv Show Gomorrah and he won an award for his role played in the Tv series. Gomorrah has been distributed in 190 countries including UK, Germany, Spain, USA and others Country. Pasquale is teaching at the Drama, Theatre and performance department of University of Huddersfield in Manchester in UK. He loves to keep training as boxing as amateur to keep himself awake.

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