Quickie 2 Take charge of your life with Pasquale Esposito

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Take charge of your life with Pasquale Esposito

Intoducing the system of William Glasser International

Take charge of your life, is a short introduction to Reality therapy a system for a new psychology based on a scientific approach on behaviour proposed by William Glasser.

Dr. William Glasser is an internationally recognized American psychiatrist who is best known as the creator of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, a system of psychotherapy he created in 1965 and that is now taught all over the world. He is notable for having developed a science that expose human behaviour’s nature.

A single short session 

guided by Pasquale Esposito certified at William Glasser institute UK.

Only the action of seeing something for the first time can be a transformative action. Such an action, although everything remains the same, still can allow to play a different game. How can we see what we don’t know?

This is a day in which we will be guided to a great inquire into what is a human experience and unfold the nature of behaviour. Of course this can open up huge questions about the identity.  This can inspire you to consider questions like: who's responsibility is my behaviour? Who and what can really control me? This is a day about spotting something about this “you” to which everything is referred to.

No ability, no tecnique of any kind is required, but the courage to face the truth of yourself, that means: In letting fall down the falsity, all that has always been present is now available.

Quickie 2

Take charge of your life

with Pasquale Esposito

Intoduction to William Glasser

new idea of psychology

DO  10. OKT 2019 18:30 - 22:00 Uhr


Pasquale Esposito

Pasquale Esposito was born in Italy, he started to travel at an early age and after spending some years in L.A. at the moment he is living in the north of Germany, Hamburg. With his wife and twins. Pasquale is a professional actor working in both theatre and in the film industry in Italy. He has been practicing Zen (Soto) Buddhism since 1993 and was officially ordained in 2001 at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Italy. He studied acting with Susan Batson, Sandra and Greta Seacat (in New York) with Francesca De Sapio in Rome. He met Dominique De Fazio (actor Studio’s member) with whom he studied and collaborated for many years. After he completed the De Fazio System training he taught at the Studio De Fazio in Rome, Germany and Los Angeles for 4 years.

He founded the ”Research Company art and awareness” with which he propose artistic projects and his reasearch.

He direct with his Company the Theatre Project “A looking Glass” in Munich and he’s preparing a new project in UK on Fernando Pessoa. A very important part of his education comes from the “Gurdjieff’s teaching” which he followed in Rome, Los Angeles and London. Pasquale lately is been part of the main cast of the International Tv Show Gomorrah and he won an award for his role played in the Tv series. Gomorrah has been distributed in 190 countries including UK, Germany, Spain, USA and others Country. Pasquale is teaching at the Drama, Theatre and performance department of University of Huddersfield in Manchester in UK. He loves to keep training as boxing as amateur to keep himself awake.

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