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Private Schauspielschule Saarbrücken

„Der Raum zwischen den Noten ist genau so wichtig, wie die Noten selbst.“ John Cage

The space in between


A weekend workshop on the creative process

of the relationship of empty space and form

in painting, acting and living


For artists of all fields and

anybody who has an interest in creativity


11. 12. 13. September 2015



This is a beautiful possibility to explore the nature of a creative process and to dare to enter this process through different creative doors: painting, acting and the principles of Zen.

The workshop focuses on the relationship between “Form and Empty Space”.


The path of creativity is original in each human being. it cannot be taught, it can only be discovered by each one. Still there are some principles we can follow. Something we can orient our listening to.


Not only in art also in life, it is important, HOW we stand in front of something: a creative problem, a question, a request, a situation, things.... We often see only what we already know and what we therefore believe is real. How can I start to see something I don‘t know?

Is there apossibility to see something new, when my approach is new? Could it be, that only when we approach something with no expectation it could be that something unexpected happens?


This will be explored with the participants by two amazing artists:Painter and sculptor Mark Strickland and Pasquale Esposito, actor and Zen monk.


Mark's approach will be through the art drawing and painting. He will propose his own version of "the right brain drawing", by Dr. Betty Edwards, best selling book, Mark’s friend and colleague. He will teach: how to draw empty space and let the form appear, for example, drawing the spaces in between the flowers instead of the flowers themselves. He will guide to make discoveries that are unexpected while drawing.


Through different physical exercises from acting, contact dance, Zen meditation, Aikido and Bioenergetic Pasquale will introduce the Zen’s principles. We will work on how to be formless, with no intention as a kind of invitation to form to take place by itself, instead of giving it form. He will guide the participants to experience how an authentic movement, an action can only arise from stillness from emptiness.

FR 11. Sept

18:00h - 22:00h

Introduction Mark Strickland & Pasquale Esposito

SA 12. Sept

12:00h - 15:00h

Mark Strickland


16:00h - 19:00h

Pasquale Esposito

SO 13. Sept

12:00h - 15:00h

Mark Strickland


16:00h - 19:00h

Pasquale Esposito


19:00h - 20:00h

Conclusion Mark Strickland & Pasquale Esposito

'The Space in between' 'Der Zwischen Raum'


Ein Wochenend-Workshop über den kreativen Prozess

der Beziehung zwischen ,Leerem Raum‘ und Form

in Malerei, Schauspiel und im Leben


für Künstler aller Disziplinen und

alle Menschen, die ein Interesse an Kreativität haben.


11. 12. 13. September 2015


Eine großartige Gelegenheit die Natur des kreativen Prozesses zu erforschen und zu es zu wagen, diesen Prozess durch verschiedene kreative Türen zu betreten: Malerei, Schauspiel und die Prinzipien des Zen.

Der Fokus liegt auf der Beziehung zwischen ,Form‘ und ,Leerem Raum‘


Der Weg der Kreativität ist etwas in jedem Menschen Ursprüngliches, etwas Originäres. Er kann nicht unterrichtet werden, er kann nur von jedem entdeckt werden. Dennoch gibt es einige Leitsätze und Prinzipien denen wir nachgehen können. Etwas, worauf wir unser Hören ausrichten können.


Nicht nur in der Kunst, auch im Leben ist es wichtig, WIE wir vor Etwas stehen, vor einem kreativen Problem, einer Frage, einer Situation, Dingen. Oft sehen wir nur, was wir schon kennen und von dem wir daher denken, daß es real ist. Wie kann ich anfangen etwas zu sehen, das ich nicht kenne?

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit etwas Neues zu sehen, wenn unsere Herangehensweise neu ist? Kann es sein, daß uns nur dann Unerwartetes passieren kann, wenn wir ohne Erwartungshaltung an etwas herangehen?


Zwei großartige Künstler werden dieses mit den Teilnehmern erforschen:

Maler und Bildhauer Mark Strickland und Pasquale Esposito, Schauspieler und Zen Mönch.


Mark Strickland‘s Ansatz ist die Kunst des Malens und Zeichnens. Er stellt seine eigene Version von ,Zeichnen mit der rechten Gehirnhälfte‘ vor, dem Bestseller von Dr. Betty Edwards, eine Freundin und Kollegin von Mark.

Er wird unterrichten, wie man 'leeren Raum' zeichnet und 'Form' entstehen lässt. Zum Beispiel: Die Räume zwischen Blumen zu malen, statt die Blumen selbst. Er wird die Teilnehmer anleiten, unerwartete Entdeckungen zu machen, während sie zeichnen.


Pasquale Esposito führt durch verschiedene Übungen aus dem Schauspiel, dem Contact dance, der Zen Meditation, Aikido und Bioenergetik an die Prinzipien des Zen heran.

Wir arbeiten daran, formlos zu sein, ohne Vorsatz, als eine Art Einladung an die Form, sich selbst zu manifestieren, statt Form zu geben. Er wird die Teilnehmer an das Erlebnis heranführen, wie eine authentische Bewegung oder Handlung nur aus der Stille, aus der Leere entstehen kann.

Workshopsprache: Englisch mit Übersetzung


280 € / 250 € A&A Interner Preis


The space in between 11. - 13. September

Der Zwischen Raum mit Mark Strickland & Pasquale Esposito

Mark Strickland

Painter, sculptor and teacher Mark Strickland, born in California, attended school together with his brother in Salzburg, Austria in their teens. After theses years being a life-long resident of California he taught at art Center College of Design for 34 years, and recently, Disney's Imagineering. Strickland is also a resident of Southern France where he has done Art seminars for 20 years.

It was in the "Midi-Libre" newspaper of Southern France that Strickland earned the appellation "peintre de l'ame" or "painter of the soul" for his layered paintings of the unique faces of farmers, shepherds and townspeople in the village where he often spends his summers, Valleraugue, France.

His keenly sensitive , neo-expressionistic canvases, often dealing with difficult themes - the problems of man's inhumanity to his fellow, the paradox of human suffering, is exemplified in his exhibition in Dachau concentration camp, "Children of Dachau", which traveled to two other camps in Germany.

Strickland takes on these themes, however, not as one of unremitting despair, but for the opportunity they afford for transcendence, renewal and redemption.

His latest book is a monumental collection of his works, “The Art of Mark Strickland.” The book is available at the Norton Simon Museum, The Museum of Tolerance and Pasadena Museum of California Artists and can be seen online at:

"If you, like many, have been missing the image of humanity in art in recent years, you need look no further than the work of Mark Strickland" Peter Clothier

Pasquale Esposito

was born in Italy. He is a professional actor working in both theatre and film in Italy. His acting has been profoundly influenced and guided by his practice of Zen Buddhism. He has been practicing Zen (Soto) Buddhism since 1993. He was officially ordained in 2001 at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Italy.

As an actor he studied with Susan Batson in New York, F. De Sapio in . He followed the Gurdjieff’s teaching in Los Angeles, London and Rome and then with Dominique De Fazio, with whom he completed the training and became a teacher, teaching and collaborating for years at Studio De Fazio in Rome, Germany, Munich and Los Angeless.

Pasquale is president of the cultural association „Flowers in the Sky“, an organization that gathers research and cultivates the education of the Zen tradition and Art. He deepens his studies and Zen practice by traveling to different dojos in Europe and the USA. He conducts Zen and acting workshops all over Europe and practices boxing at an amateur level to keep himself awake!

„My work centers around the journey of going through an artistic and creative experience, which is in itself a process of awareness about our original self.“ Pasquale Esposito